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MirandaBeth's Fanfiction
and other fannish things
27th-Mar-2015 04:05 pm - Master list: fanfiction and videos
press gang
For ease of Finding Stuff, here is a complete list of the fic I have written and the vids I have made!

It's not a long list. I post it in the optimism of expected growth.

The Hunger GamesCollapse )

Press GangCollapse )

The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis)Collapse )

HeroesCollapse )

Battlestar GalacticaCollapse )

TorchwoodCollapse )

MirandaBeth at AO3

My YouTube channel

Last updated: 16.04.2014
14th-Apr-2014 08:39 am - Book-to-movie adaptations
press gang
I have to show this to someone! I don't know where fans live these days and I'm not overly motivated to find out and chat to them anyway.

Random Catching Fire movie easter eggCollapse )

Anyway, really, it's all you need to do in a book-to-movie adaptation. Take the time to include the little details. I spent the whole of the most recent Les Miserables in raptures over exactly that.
13th-Apr-2014 08:33 pm - Catching Fire vid: "Not Our Paradise"
press gang
Because writing isn't working right now, I guess I procrastinate with fanvids? (I should maybe think about procrastinating with RL work next time.) But I've been waiting for the DVD to come out to make this ever since I first heard the song!

Fandom: Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Title: Not Our Paradise
Song: Paradise (What About Us)
Artist: Within Temptation feat. Tarja

Summary: A look at the victors, before and during the Quarter Quell. "It's not our paradise… but it's all we want, and it's all that we're fighting for."

Not Our Paradise from Mylla R on Vimeo.

Password: train
29th-Jan-2014 11:30 pm - Hunger Games fic: Ruffled Feathers
press gang
Fanfic! This completely got away from me. Apparently I have Things To Say.

(Disclaimer: I'm so not in HG fandom, I have absolutely no idea what it's like and whether this fic has been written a thousand times already. But. It's fic!)

Title: Ruffled Feathers
Fandom: Hunger Games
Characters: Octavia, Cinna, Flavius, Venia, Portia, Finnick Odair (sort of)
Words: 7165

Fashion, fears, feathers and romance in the Games culture: Octavia's birthday in the year of the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games.

( Ruffled feathers )
[link to AO3]
11th-Jan-2014 10:47 pm - Hunger Games vid: In The End
press gang
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Title: In the End
Song: In the End, Linkin Park

"In the end, it doesn't even matter." A Hunger Games video.

[Click image for YouTube link]
2nd-Jan-2014 07:51 pm - Hunger Games vid: All About Us
press gang
This is about the fastest I've ever made a fanvid. That's a good sign.

Fandom: The Hunger Games
Title: All About Us
Song: "All About Us"
Artist: t.A.T.u.

Summary: There's a theme that they can't touch. The defiances, both small and large, of the seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games.

[Click image for YouTube link]
I can't believe I finally finished this.

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Title: Our Solemn Hour
Song: "Our Solemn Hour" – Within Temptation
Characters: Kendra Shaw, Helena Cain, Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, and others
Spoilers: The Pegasus arc and "Razor", plus a bunch of other footage

"Sanctus Espiritus. Redeem us from our solemn hour."

A Pegasus/Razor video.

Link to Youtube: Our Solemn Hour
press gang
This is either NaNo inspiring me to finish off one of my old, previously mentally-blocked ficlets, or it's procrastination.

Probably both.

Either way, there's a Press Gang ficlet.

Title: Telecommunications
Fandom: Press Gang
Words: 640

Summary: The dangers of change. (A pre Season 3 ficlet.)

( Telecommunications ) (AO3 link)
press gang
Poking around in old Word files and came across this brief snippet. It amused me enough to post it!

Fandom: Press Gang
Title: Of Lists, Spies and Paths Not Taken
Word count: 338

"She’s quite nice, though, your friend Sarah," said Kenny from behind his science textbook in the library, casually and apropos of nothing. (Set pre-series)

[AO3 link]

Of Lists, Spies and Paths Not TakenCollapse )
4th-Apr-2013 03:09 pm - Press Gang fic: Like the Stars
press gang
Okay, here's the thing. When I was writing my Press Gang "The Last Word" episode coda, "Lies, and Other Kindnesses" (like, a year ago), I wanted to cover the ways all the main characters might have reacted to "The Last Word". And I got a bit intrigued by Frazz, mainly because I never pay much attention to him. So in order to work out what was going on for him, I thought, well why don't I just try writing a scene with him.

And then this happened! And there are lots of things about it that I really like.

But the thing is, in a lot of ways it's sort of the same fic as "Lies", because I wrote them at the same time with the same purpose in mind. It's just another point of view on the same thing.

So I've been not posting it, because it just seems like overkill.

But as long as I'm being brave enough to post other fic at the moment, WHATEVER HERE IT IS. I need to stop overthinking – I like this piece, that's all there is to it.

Fandom: Press Gang
Title: Like the Stars
Summary: After the events of "The Last Word", Frazz hasn’t been around much. Lynda wants to know why.

[AO3 link]

By late Tuesday afternoon, the newsroom was unusually quiet.Collapse )
3rd-Apr-2013 12:39 am - Narnia ficlet: Weakness
Another part of my teeny little ten ficlet challenge.

Meanwhile, I have discovered that I apparently can't wander around AO3 looking for other Narnia fic, because it's a sacred childhood love and I can't deal with even the summaries of some of the fics. *shudder*

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis)
Character: The White Witch

Prompt #2: pity

Title: Weakness
Word count: 336

[AO3 link]

After all this time, it turns out what she needed was never to be more powerful than him.Collapse )
28th-Mar-2013 05:08 pm - Narnia ficlet: Prophet
Wow, I'm really terrible at ever completing any of my creative projects and posting them, aren't I?

For instance, I have a BSG vid I'm dying to finish up and post, but I never have the solid blocks of time to devote to it. (Doesn't help that I don't know how to end it, either, I guess.)

But anyway, the project that follows is relevant to my RL interests at the moment, so maybe I'll actually manage to finish it.

I invented a challenge for myself, and the challenge is as follows: I must randomly generate ten words, and use them as prompts for ten ficlets or drabbles. And they all must fill the following criteria:

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia (the books)
Character: The White Witch

Prompt 1: Prophet
Word count: 290

[AO3 link]

By the time she returns to Narnia, the prophetic rhymes are gossip throughout the land.Collapse )
4th-Apr-2012 03:30 pm - The Vidding Perspective
press gang
Cards on the table: I’m not a professional video editor. (SURPRISE!) I’m entirely self-taught, after I watched a huge number of Heroes fanvids back in the day (i.e. 2007) and started to get a feel for what worked and what didn’t. Having dipped my toes in the editing waters, there are things I now know about film styles that I otherwise wouldn’t.

I made eight Heroes videos before I ran out of enthusiasm for the show. My next fandom was BSG, and I was naturally super-keen to start vidding there as well. But it wasn’t until I started trying that I realised there was a fundamental difference between the two shows.

Probably stating the obvious quite a lot. Very vague spoilers for some Heroes, BSG and Press Gang.Collapse )
There is very little meaning in this one, except for "I was listening to this song at the time I was watching season 3".

So then I had this half-finished for ages, but I never had all the clips I needed and then stopped being able to do video editing. When I got my new software a little while ago, I just wanted to finish one of those many unfinished projects, and this one seemed like the best candidate.

Although, my goodness. It is SO MUCH HARDER to vid a slow song than a fast one.

But here it is. Finally.

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Title: The Secret Chords
Song: "Hallelujah" – Rufus Wainwright
Characters/pairings: Bill Adama/Laura Roslin, Kara Thrace/Lee Adama, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, Saul Tigh/Ellen Tigh, Felix Gaeta/Gaius Baltar
Spoilers: Through Season 3

Summary: New Caprica drew a cold and a broken hallelujah from many people. This vid is a glimpse at some of the relationships of Battlestar Galactica.

Click for vid

[click for YouTube link]
press gang
Fandom: Press Gang
Title: How To Make A Future
Characters: Kenny Phillips, Sarah Jackson

The night before a particularly nerve-wracking day for Kenny, help comes from an unexpected source. (Set season 1, a few weeks after "How to Make a Killing".)

[AO3 link]

The phone ringing this late at night in the Phillips household could mean only one person.Collapse )
3rd-Mar-2012 12:01 am - Press Gang ficlet: Empty Spaces
press gang
I really don't like LJ's format now - the page where you view entries, I mean. It used to be much prettier. I think I'll make more use of AO3.

Anyway, another Press Gang pre-series ficlet!

Fandom: Press Gang
Title: Empty Spaces
Characters: Kenny Phillips, Sarah Jackson

Everything's about to change. Sarah might have mixed feelings about this. (Set pre-series.)

[AO3 link]

Empty SpacesCollapse )
28th-Feb-2012 07:32 pm - Press Gang ficlet: Just Between Us
press gang
So, I was going to write a thing. It was going to be a series of Press Gang ficlets with some kind of clever theme running through them all. But instead, I ended up with a couple of mostly-unrelated ficlets. Rather than sit on them until I could work out where the pieces went, I figured I'd just post the ones I liked.

Fandom: Press Gang
Title: Just Between Us
Characters: Sarah Jackson, Lynda Day, Kenny Phillips

Lynda's always got an ulterior motive. The trick is figuring out what it is. (Set pre-series.)

Sarah had known Lynda for long enough to know this was bad.Collapse )
27th-Feb-2012 06:45 am - Press Gang vid: The Power of Love
press gang
Fandom: Press Gang
Title: The Power of Love: A Press Gang tribute
Song: "The Power of Love" – Huey Lewis & The News
Characters: Ensemble
Spoilers: Covers the whole series, but probably isn't overly spoilery.

Summary: A tribute to Press Gang – laughter, unlikely romance, tragedy, friendship, changing the world, and the occasional giant pink rabbit. The power of love, in all its forms.

Click for vid

[click for YouTube link]
press gang
Fandom: Press Gang
Title: Lies, and Other Kindnesses
Summary: Detective Inspector Hibbert has had a bad week. For what it’s worth, he’s not the only one.

Episode coda for Season 3 episodes 4-5, "The Last Word" (and major spoilers for same).

"So what do you think happens now? We all just forget this ever happened?"Collapse )
8th-Feb-2009 05:12 pm - BSG fic: Freedom
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Title: Fragments: Freedom
Episode: 1x03 - "Bastille Day"
Character/s: Dualla
Summary: "Fragments" will be a series of 'missing moment'-style ficlets set throughout the episodes. It may be a series, or it may just be an excuse for me to... post a bunch of "missing-moment"-style ficlets. Time will tell.

This one's closer to drabble than ficlet, really (250ish words).

Disclaimer: I've only recently started watching, and I'm only up to 2x07 so far. Therefore, a) there are probably glaring errors, and b) I may have picked up fanon things without realising. Both these things are annoying, so please let me know about them. Unless it's like, "actually, mirandabeth, so-and-so's a Cylon", because I figure I've probably still got one or two surprises ahead of me (in spite of all the fic I've read) and I'd sort of like to keep it that way if I can.

Dee never says it to anyone.Collapse )
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